Happy Birthday, Johan! 30 today

baseball cake.jpgHappy Birthday, Johan Santana! The Mets ace turns 30 today as he prepares for his 10th Major League season.
Could Santana help the Mets win it all in 2009? We certainly hope so!
Here’s a selection of highlights from Santana’s decade in the majors. Enjoy.
At age 29, Santana recorded his 1,500 Major League strikeout by fanning Pedro Feliz in the 4th inning in an 8-6 defeat to the Phillies at Shea.
At age 28, Santana hit his first and only triple in a game for the Twins against Florida. He took a Byung Hyung Kim pitch to right-centre to score Nick Punto from 1st.
At age 27, Santana won his 2nd Cy Young award, going 19-6 with a 2.77ERA.
At age 26, Santana led the American League in strikeouts per 9 innings with 9.25, ahead of the Angels’ John Lackey (8.57)
At age 25, Santana had a 20-win season, going 20-6 in 34 starts for the Twins.
At age 24, Santana pitches in his 100th Big league game, throwing 1 1/3 innings in relief of Brandon Radke against the White Sox at Comisky Park. Santana gave up one run on one hit – an RBI-double to Frank Thomas – and a walk on 23 pitches.
At age 23, Santana records his first ever double-digit strikeout game, fanning 13 Blue Jays in an 8-inning 4-0 shutout. Santana gave up just 2 hits.
At age 22, it’s hard to find an interesting Johan statistic! What I can tell you is that he threw his 1,000th career strike against the Oakland As on May 26, 2001. How’s that for research? 🙂
At age 21 (21yrs, 21days to be precise) Santana makes his Major League debut against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, pitching a scoreless 9th inning on 14 pitches in an Opening Day 7-0 loss.


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