*EXCLUSIVE* Wright donates bats to charity

QUEENS, NY — New York Mets slugging third baseman David Wright has donated more than 50 bats to charity after deciding he had no need for them.

The three-time All Star, speaking exclusively to Fantasy Hardball: a bloop and a blast – said he would rather donate them to a good home than carry them from Major League city to city.

Clubhouse officials insist the decision was made solely by Wright, while fans across the country are speculating on his future with the team.

David Wright is currently 23/82 with 27 strikeouts to start the 2009 campaign. He’s on pace for a record 161 Ks and he is said to be embarassed by not being able to perform to his previous heights.

Wright has never whiffed more than 118 time in his big-league career, so to see him leaving his bat on his shoulder so often is strange.

Wright said: “I thought it was only [Dustin] Pedroia who couldn’t hit the high and inside fastball. But I guess not.

“I don’t really know what is the matter with me at the minute. I tried swinging at the beachball in BP on Wednesday before the Marlins game, but I was late on it and kept shanking it foul.

“Jerry Manuel told me to shorten up my stroke, to choke up a little, but then I was too early on it. I kept pulling it foul. I mean c’mon, how do you pull a 12mph beachball foul?”

He clearly doesn’t need his bat, so Fantasy Hardball found some uses for it.

He could recreate the famous NYC skyline…

skyline copy.jpgTake up the oboe

Or help out Heather Mills


At the end of the day though, there’s only one real use for all these bats. With all the whiffing, it had to the fan…




  1. shaz1600@hotmail.com

    This makes life difficult for any writer, but especially for one who was recently an editor. And even more so for one who was a writer/editor. For nearly two decades, I assigned myself stories, turned them in to my unwavering approval, and then got back to myself immediately regarding publication dates. Being your own man pales in comparison to being your own editor (which, among other things, allows for the former).


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