My first trip to Yankee Stadium: the pictures

Even though everyone knows I’m a Mets fan and that I now live in Queens, my first big league game since coming over to New York from England was to see the Yankees beat the Detroit
Tigers 2-1 on Saturday afternoon.

Yankee Stadium is fantastic – if you’ve never been, get down there when you get a chance. We had the most amazing seats for the game, thanks to my fiance’s father who took the whole family down there as a gift to us.

We were down the first base line just behind first, 17 rows up, which meant I was able to get some nice pictures. Have a look through and see what you think. If you like them, there’s plenty more from this game at my Shutterfly album.


The House that Taxpayers’ Money Built

DSC01135a.jpgMonument Park

DSC01193a.jpgMy photo montage of big fat CC Sebathia

DSC01309 copya.jpgPlacido Polanco


A-Rod fielding down at third base.


Teixeira holding Brandon Inge on at first as big fat CC gets his signs.

DSC01377a.jpgJustin Verlander topping out his heater.

DSC01396a.jpgJeter starting an inning-ending 6-4-3 double play to get big fat CC out of the 3rd inning.


Jeter going through his pre-pitch routine.


Hideki Matsui gets under one and sends it straight up the chute.


Mark Teixeira fielding at first base.


Jeter taking a pitch below the knees and looking across to his bench for a signal.


A-Rod breaks a 0-0 tie with a 7th inning opposite-field home run. Number 571.

Enter Sandman. Game over.




  1. Jane Heller

    Great pix! I can’t believe how perfect your seats were. Can your fiancee’s father send me those tickets? Haha. Loved the one of Jeter doing his routine with the time out during his at bat. So Jeter. Glad you had a good time.

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