About popejonash

I am a 24-year-old journalist and Mets fan
living in England. I am obsessed with baseball and statistics
and I am set for another season of sleepless nights in front
of the computer. I am engaged to my beautiful fiancee Lisa
who I will be marrying in New York in August and I love box
scores, travelling, writing, skiing and bacon, not
necessarily in that order. I studied for my BA (hons) in
journalism at the University of Central Lancashire in England
and at SUNY Plattsburgh in upstate New York. For the last
three years I have been a journalist at a weekly newspaper. I
was highly commended in the Young Journalist of the Year
category at the 2009 Yorkshire and Humber o2 Press Awards and
I was shortlisted to the final five of the Yorkshire Press
Awards in the features category. I am also a freelance for
Sky Sports (www.skysports.com) writing live minute-by-minute
English Premier League football commentaries.


Box scores, travelling, writing, skiing and
bacon. Not necessarily in that order.