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Sticking it to the Mets

My New York Mets are turning into the Nationals. They are mounting a serious challenge to Washington’s bid of becoming the most disfunctional team in professional sport.

Here’s the top 6:

  1. Washington Nationals
  2. New York Mets
  3. LA Clippers
  4. Detroit Lions
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates
  6. Memphis Grizzlies

Remember that saga last week when the Mets front office went nuts because legend Doc Gooden wrote on their shiney new restaurant wall with a Sharpie?

Well, they’re at it again this week.

A group of Mets fans were hanging K cards in the outfield every time Johan struck a National out. And yes, while that meant that they probably needed a lot of pieces of card, the Shea Stadium Citi Field security team stepped in to ruin the fun.

I read in one of my favourite Mets blogs that David Lennon of Newsday wrote this about the debacle:

Johan Santana’s 10 strikeouts Friday nearly got three
graduate students from Syosset kicked out of Citi Field for posting K
cards on the leftfield facade.

Santana was up to six by the middle of the third inning when Keith
Heller, Ryan Krochak and Larry Ziegelbaum said they were told by
security to remove the white signs with Ks made of duct tape because
they were blocking an electronic ribbon board. When the trio asked if
they could move the signs away from the scoreboard, they said their
request was refused and the signs were confiscated by the security

“People were yelling at them [security], telling them they were
ruining a tradition,” Ziegelbaum said. “Everyone was supporting it.”

Caryn, another awesome Mets blogger took this picture of the fans.


So on Saturday morning, a day after Johan and the Mets beat the Nationals, I snuck back into Citi Field while it was empty.


I had my ladder

tape3.jpgAnd the biggest roll of Shur-tape I could afford

tape2 copy.jpgAnd I set to work. Almost four hours later and I had got my revenge on the Mets’ suits and front office guys.

I turned my anger and frustration into something slightly productive. OK, it wasn’t productive at all. But with a little help with my Shur-tape, you could say that I stuck it to the man.

Or, more accurately, to their big, new, all-singing, all-dancing, $10m HD scoreboard.

That’s right, Wilpon. Count them and weep. One mahousive K made out of rolls and rolls of tape for every one of Johan’s 37 strikeouts this season.

I bet you wish you had just let the fans use their paper K-cards now, eh?

The bad news, Mr Wilpon? Johan’s going to have about 170 more of them.

The good news? I’ve just saved 15 per cent on my car insurance by switching to Geiko.

Not that Geiko would advertise with you. Some idiot seems to have put something on your TV in the outfield.