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Latest leaderboard – Number 47

Thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog – the only MLBlog which is scientifically proven to give you 100 per cent of your daily recommended allowance of my ramblings.
glavine1.jpgIn the time-honoured tradition of dedicating rankings, I would like to praise one of the best crafty lefties of his generation, Tom Glavine.
Glavine wore the Mets’ number 47 jersey from Opening Day 2003 until the end of the 2007 season, starting 164 games and compiling a 61-56 record.
He pitched more than 1,000 innings over the five-year spell with an ERA under 3.97. He never had overpowering stuff and, by the time he left the Mets at age 41, he was relying as much on his baseball savvy knowledge on the mound as he was on his pinpoint control and ability to keep the ball in the yard.
He won double-digit games with the Mets in all but his first season with the club and he went to the All Star Game in both 2004 and 2006 – his ninth and tenth appearances respectively.

glavine2.jpgWhile he never hit the 190-strikeout, 20-win seasons of his Cy Young years, he was still a valuable cog in the New York machine, even if every single person at Shea Stadium knew it was going to be a changeup away.
His 15-7 (.682) record in 2006 was the third best in the bigs and his 34 starts the following year was bettered in the National league only by Dontrelle Willis before he decided to turn into a headcase.
Whether the $48,000,000 he was paid to play for the Mets was money well-spent or not, fans will remember the Glavine years fondly. In fact, considering the ridiculous lack of depth in the rotation right now, the lure for the 43-year-old probably isn’t that far away.
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Latest leaderboard – I’m #44

Mark has updated the MLBlogs leaderboard and I’m delighted to say that I have made it on the list at number 44.

There have been lots of great Mets who have worn that number – David Cone, Ron Darling, Lastings Milledge…


Ok, so maybe Milledge wasn’t that good. Or famous. But I haven’t shaken hands with any other famous #44s, so he’s the best I’ve got right now.

But rather than waste a dedication in honour of Milledge, I’d like to dedicate my ranking to an event which took place in front of 22,268 fans at Chase Field on August 24, 2005.

It was a night when the Mets set the all-time team record for the total number of bases at 44, breaking the previous high of 40 set in June 1990.

The Mets hit five home runs, seven doubles, seven singles and a triple for a total of 44 bases, 20 hits and 18 runs.

Mike Jacobs and David Wright hit for 11 bases each as Willie Randolph’s Mets crushed Arizona Diamondbacks 18-4.

Six of the Mets starting position players had a multiple-hit game, two Mets (David Wright and Mike Jacobs) had a multi-homer game, two other (Victor Diaz and Ramon Castro) had a multi-doubles game and Jose Reyes fell just a double away from the cycle.

The Mets scored runs in seven of the nine innings, beating up on a host of a dozen D’back pitchers from losing starter Russ Ortiz to Tim Worrell and Jose Valverde.

Ortiz took 85 pitchers to get through four innings, giving up eight runs on seven hits and five walks and the other five pitchers – who all pitched an inning each – took another 126 pitches.

In the history of the New York Mets, the team has only scored more runs than on this night on four occassions.

It’ll probably be another decade before it happens again, so savour this post. But know that if it does, you’ll read all about it here first.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and thanks for all your support. It’s very much appreciated.

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