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Mike Jacob predictions. Bold or stupid?

OK, lets get one thing ironed out before the abuse and haters start jumping on my back…

If you don’t know what I’m on about, see the post directly beneath this. Hint: I compared Mike Jacobs with Mark Teixeira.

So, my disclaimer: Mike Jacobs is not Mark Teixeira. He doesn’t have the Rookie of the Year nomination, his name on an MVP ballot sheet, a home run at an All Star game, a Silver Slugger trophy or a Gold Glove.

But guess what? I am going on record right now as saying he is going to have a good year that will be comparable to Teixeira’s.

And I mean very comparable.

My friend Phil says it won’t be done. That Jacobs will need to have a monster year and that Teix would have to have just an average year to better him.

We’ll see.

Here’s 8 predictions that I am making right now and that I will follow throughout the season. I don’t know why people aren’t giving Jacobs the love he deserves. 2009 is his chance to shine and I will be cheering for him all the way.

  1. Jacobs will hit more than 30 home runs.
  2. Teix will not hit more than 5 more homers than Jacobs
  3. Jacobs and Teix will both strike out between 95 and 105 times each.
  4. Both will score between 85 and 95 runs
  5. Jacobs will be within 2 per cent of Teixeira in RBI.
  6. Jacobs will hit more doubles than Teixeira
  7. Jacobs will not have a season-ending BA of more than 15 points less than Teixeira.
  8. Teix will celebrate his 29th birthday first.

Oh c’mon give me a break. I had to give myself a fighting chance!


Money talks, but who is the real winner?

I read a fantastic article yesterday about Scott Boras’ off-season dealings. I had not realised he had already secured more than $340M of done deals this year.

And that is on a dozen players! One of these is admittedly Mark Teixeira, but still.

If Scotty takes his 5 per cent, the guy who wrote the article says Boras will be in line for an amazing $17M. Incredible.

So yeah, Scotty will be able to survive the credit crunch and economic crisis without too many problems.

teixeira.jpgBut it got me thinking about a guy who has been a little overlooked the last few years. A guy who is on just 1.5 per cent of what Teix makes each year.

Here is a gamer who I kinda feel sorry for. And when I say ‘sorry’, I don’t really mean it. He’s still on more in a month than I’m on in a year. He’s ‘champagne poor’ in a world surrounded by the seriously big spenders.

Maybe the blog should actually be called ‘A guy who needs Boras’. Then again, does anyone really need him? I think I’d rather keep my job and my salary than sell my soul to the reaper.

So, let’s look at one man who Boras has helped this offseason. And one who maybe wishes he had his number.

Mark Teixeira ~ $25,000,000
Mike Jacobs ~ $395,000

Summary: The Yanks dropped the GDP of El Salvadore to lock up Teix until 2016 – an average of more than $25M a year until he is 35. Jacobs, a 38th round draft pick, will get just about enough money to buy a 3-bed house in the suburbs of Kansas after being shipped from the Mets to the Fish to the Royals.

I feel for Mike, I really do. Ok, he’s not Teix, but is he that different?


  • They are both 1B
  • They are both 28 years old
  • They both have above average power and below average speed
  • They will both hit 30 home runs, drive in 100RBI and strike out 100 times in 2009
  • They have spent a similar amount of time on the DL in the last 3 years (Teix 35 days, Jacobs 39)
  • Both have an 80 per cent contact rate and 20 per cent line drive rate.


  • Teix plays in pinstripes, Jacobs plays in Kansas City.

These statistics are a little misleading, I appreciate that, but there may be some value in them. Basically Teix came into the league as an amazing talent at 23 years old and then built upon his skills over the next 2 years before plateauing somewhat.

jacobs.jpgJacobs on the other hand never really developed year-on-year, other than for a spike in his power. He has the upside to bat .290 and hit 38 home runs, but unfortunately he will never get the big bucks he may really be worth.

Last year, the Royals’ entire payroll was $58,245,500, compared to the $201,001,579 the Yankees were able to spend.

But while the Royals won 75 games, the Yanks could only manage 89. To give it some perspective, the Royals effectively paid $775,000 per win while the Bronx Bombers paid more than $2M per W.

In a world where money really does talk, Teixeira and Boras may be cashing in the big paychecks, it’s teams like the Royals who are the real winners for making the most of what they have.

It will not buy them a ring. But it’s a start.

Pics: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2009/01/07/sports/07yankees.1.600.jpg