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No no-no for Mets: The streak hits 7,500

THE New York Mets have started the season auspiciously; 8-10 and losers of four one-run games.

But for those who like the small details, the loss against the awful Nationals was even more frustrating. It was the Mets’ 7,500 consecutive regular season game without a no-hitter.

Only the San Diego Padres, Colorado Rockies and Tampa Bay Rays are in the same company as the Mets, although none of these three teams have played as many games as the Mets.

If you’re keeping count, they’ve played 6,374; 2,547 and 1,798 respectively. To put it into context, the Rays have 26 years of no no-nos ahead of them before they’re as unfortunate as the Mets.

It is now agreed that there have been 236 no-hitters, but they have not been shared equally.

The LA Dodgers, in all of their various guises dating back to 1884, have had a huge 20 no-hitters, followed quickly by the Red Sox (19) and Chicago White Sox (13). In fact, a dozen teams have had double-digit no-hitters in their franchise history.

So close

The Mets have thrown 33 one-hitters in their history, including 23 using just one pitcher. The last Mets one-hitter was in July 2008 when Pedro Martinez, Carlos Muniz, Aaron Heilman, Scott Schoeneweis and Billy Wagner one-hit the Rockies at Shea.

Tom Seaver leads the Mets with five one-hitters, including one of each of 1969, 70, 71 and 72. 1970 was a particularly harsh year for the Mets pitchers when they threw three one-hitters.

Incidently, two of the Mets one-hitters have resulted in losses; a 2-1 defeat away in St Louis in 1991 and similar 2-1 loss in Houston back in September 2006.

There have been nine players who threw a no hitter before joining the Mets, starting with Don Cardwell in 1960 and going through to Hideo Nomo in 1996.

And six pitchers have thrown a no hitter after leaving the Mets, including Nolan Ryan on a ridiculous seven occassions all after we let him go. Hideo Nomo also had a no hitter for the Red Sox in 2001.

As well as being unable to record a no hitter, six pitchers have sealed their place in history by no-hitting the Mets. The most notable of these was Jim Bunning’s perfect game for the Phillies in 1964.

During my research, I read on nonohitters.com that Bunning’s perfect game came on just 90 pitches and in just the 31st day in Shea Stadium history. Shea would never see a perfect game in its remaining 33-and-a-half years.

Here are the six no-hitters thrown against the Mets:

Sandy Koufax – June 30, 1962. LA Dodgers 5-0 Mets.
Jim Bunning – June 21, 1964. Philadelphia Phillies 6-0 Mets.
Bob Moose – Sept 20, 1969. Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0 Mets.
Bill Stoneman – October 2, 1972. Montreal Expos 7-0 Mets.
Ed Halicki – August 24, 1975. San Francisco Giants 6-0 Mets.
Darryl Kile – September 8, 1993. Houston Astros 7-1 Mets.