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Mike Jacob predictions. Bold or stupid?

OK, lets get one thing ironed out before the abuse and haters start jumping on my back…

If you don’t know what I’m on about, see the post directly beneath this. Hint: I compared Mike Jacobs with Mark Teixeira.

So, my disclaimer: Mike Jacobs is not Mark Teixeira. He doesn’t have the Rookie of the Year nomination, his name on an MVP ballot sheet, a home run at an All Star game, a Silver Slugger trophy or a Gold Glove.

But guess what? I am going on record right now as saying he is going to have a good year that will be comparable to Teixeira’s.

And I mean very comparable.

My friend Phil says it won’t be done. That Jacobs will need to have a monster year and that Teix would have to have just an average year to better him.

We’ll see.

Here’s 8 predictions that I am making right now and that I will follow throughout the season. I don’t know why people aren’t giving Jacobs the love he deserves. 2009 is his chance to shine and I will be cheering for him all the way.

  1. Jacobs will hit more than 30 home runs.
  2. Teix will not hit more than 5 more homers than Jacobs
  3. Jacobs and Teix will both strike out between 95 and 105 times each.
  4. Both will score between 85 and 95 runs
  5. Jacobs will be within 2 per cent of Teixeira in RBI.
  6. Jacobs will hit more doubles than Teixeira
  7. Jacobs will not have a season-ending BA of more than 15 points less than Teixeira.
  8. Teix will celebrate his 29th birthday first.

Oh c’mon give me a break. I had to give myself a fighting chance!